Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Hero - Squig Hopper!

"You are da squig hopper, an' yer squig is always 'ungry!  Draw a Squig card every turn instead of moving or attacking normally."

Attack, throw 3 Combat dice
Defend, throw 2 Combat dice
Move, special

Mind 1 Points
Body 9 Points

(Squig Hopper is a goblin and may use goblin wargear.)
The suggested model is the Orcs & Goblins Squig Hopper

Notes: Like the nasty skulker from last week, the full potential of the squig hopper is not revealed here because we have yet to prepare the "Squig Cards" that determines how well the goblin handles this most belligerent mount.  It introduces a big random element, because sometimes the squig will be stubborn and won't budge, at best snapping at monsters that disturb it.  Other times it'll be full of boundless energy, allowing huge moves and jumping over models to get to monsters which it will attack savagely.
Like all the Orc Raid heroes, the squig hopper uses "Squabble Cards" to gather loot and teef from monsters and has unique wargear.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Hero - Nasty Skulker!

"You are da nasty skulker, a bad piece o' work.  You can attack wandering monsters before they can attack you."

Attack, throw 2 Combat dice
Defend, throw 2 Combat dice
Move, throw 2 Standard dice

Mind 3 Points
Body 6 Points

(Nasty Skulker is a goblin and may use goblin wargear.)
The suggested model is the Orcs & Goblins Nasty Skulker

Notes: The nasty skulker isn't all too impressive yet.  His ability to shiv wandering monsters is nice, but otherwise he seems unremarkable.  Orc Raid uses orc wargear, in particular the "Stabba", a weapon for exclusive use by the nasty skulker.  In addition, orcs fight over loot and treasure whenever it is found, drawing from a set of "Squabble Cards" at which the nasty skulker excels due to his sneaky and backstabbing nature.

Orc Raid!

Well, after taking a break from Send The Dwarf In! I'm back.  As of tomorrow, and for the next few Fridays, I will be adding to the new heroes articles with some fun new greenskins we're trying out for Ste's Orc Raid variant of HeroQuest.

The Orc from back in July spurred on this idea, and is already a valid hero for the Orc Raid game.  Tomorrow I will include the first of the new orc and goblin heroes...  Nasty Skulker!  In future weeks look for the Black Orc, Squig Hopper, Shaman and Goblins as well a new loot, wargear and monsters such as stunties, wimpy humies and pointy-eared pansy elves!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Quest Treasures Update

Well, I'm back from my honeymoon in Poland to find Bren has filled the site with a host of new sparkly stuff.  I thought I'd compliment this today by uploading them again in printable card form.

The Dolorous Blade

The Grail

The Sword of Khaine
The Runefang

The Hammer of Sigmar

The Cyeos

The Staff of Volans
Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Quest Treasure - The Staff Of Cyeos!

"The Staff of Cyeos is one of many magical items carried by Balannaer, given to him by the High Loremaster Cyeos, the wisest and most powerful of the High Elf mages."

The Staff of Cyeos allows you to re-roll one Combat dice in defence against attacks and spells.

Notes: The Staff of Cyeos is a protective quest treasure, allowing it to be combined with another weapon or armour and improve combat dice rolls.

And thus ends "Quest Treasure Week".  Seven new quest items for your HeroQuest games.

New Quest Treasure - The Runefang!

"One of twelve legendary blades forged by the mad Dwarf smith Alaric, some of these swords have been lost during wartime or claimed by the forces of chaos."

The Runefang allows you to roll three Combat dice in attack or four Combat dice in attack against Skaven, Rat Ogres and Giant Rats.

Notes: This is the last weapon of these quest treasures, a reasonable weapon, and quite potent against the warp-tainted ratmen.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Quest Treasure - The Hammer Of Sigmar!

"The finest weapon ever made by Dwarf smiths, it is called Ghal Maraz or Skull Splitter, and was awarded to the founder of the Empire.  Ever since it has been possessed by his inheritors or chosen champions."

(If on the board, Barbarian or Dwarf must take the hammer of sigmar when found)

The Hammer of Sigmar allows you to roll five Combat dice in attack.

Notes: Simply put, the Hammer of Sigmar is the most potent weapon in HeroQuest, using all the combat dice for every attack.