Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Experimental Rules: Black Powder Weapons

Here's something we've cooked up for Advanced Hero Quest...

Experimental Rules: Black Powder Weapons
"This is my BOOMSTICK!"

Technology within The Empire marches on and the need for more powerful weapons is ever present in these times of strife. Refinements from the College of Engineers have led to the development of fire arms.
From a basic viewpoint these weapons are little more than hand held cannons. Consisting of a metal tube attached to wooden stock they can propel lead shot at great speed over long distances. Alchemist’s black powder provides the kick for these devastating instruments of war.
As they become more common place within The Empire they have found their way from the front line and into the hands of everyday citizens.  Dungeoneering adventurers have been quick to catch on to this new technology and many now sport flintlocks or rifles in there subterranean exploration.
Though slow to reload and often inaccurate the effectiveness of these weapons cannot be underestimated, tearing through armour and flesh with indiscriminate ease.  The roar of the muzzle alone in the confined tunnels of a dungeon can be enough to make most foes think twice.

Training and materials for black powder weapons does not come cheap but their effectiveness can make them a worthy goal for any adventurer.  Characters must pay to train in the use of black powder weapons. Once purchased it should be recorded in the notes section of the character sheet.  Elves look at such devices with mistrust and disdain. Elven trainers are hard to find and expensive.
Black Powder Training
Training Cost
Human or Dwarf

Black Powder Materials
Flint Lock Pistol
Flint Lock Rifle
Powder & Shot

Black Powder Weapons
Damage Dice
Flintlock Pistol
24 squares
Flintlock Rifle
36 squares

Black powder weapons are fired in exactly the same way as bows, however due to their unpredictable nature they have their own unique fumble and critical results.  All black powder weapons fumble on 1-2 and critical on 11-12.
If a critical is rolled the shot passes straight through the target causing full damage and hitting the next model behind it as long as it is within the weapons maximum range.
If a fumble is rolled consult the following table.
Black Powder Fumble Table
1 - 6
Misfire – The weapons lock snaps shut and a pathetic puff of smoke erupts from the barrel. Damp powder, bad loading or just bad luck means the shot was wasted. The powder charge and shot are wasted. Gun must be reloaded
7 - 10
Friendly Fire – The weapon kicks out and the shot goes wild, resolve the attack against the nearest friendly model in line of sight.
11 - 12
Explosion – The shot becomes jammed in the barrel and the weapon explodes sending metal and wood flying in all directions. Place the fireball template on the character and resolve the damage dice of the attack against all models covered by the template.

Each shot from a black powder weapon expends one powder charge and one lead shot; these cannot be recovered after combat.  Reloading a black powder weapon take one full exploration phase where the character may not move or two combat turns outside of any creature’s death zone and stationary. Any attack on the character interrupts the reloading process.

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