Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Experimental Rules: Champions

In HeroQuest, once a hero has succeeded at three quests he is declared a "champion of the empire" and granted lands and titles.  However, beyond some vague bragging rights, this amounts to nothing at all as far as the game is concerned.  I've always seen this as a missed opportunity, and I came up with this simple optional rule for champion heroes.

Experimental Rules: Champions
Valten... Champion, Chosen and Exalted hero of the Empire

The player of a champion hero may re-roll any one of his dice rolls once per game.  When revealing the contents of a room, the evil wizard player may place a wandering monster in the room even if the room would otherwise be empty.

e.g. Three heroes enter a dungeon and two of them are champions.  The evil wizard gets two wandering monsters to place in any room as it is revealed, allowing him to bolster a room already containing monsters or to add a surprise in an otherwise empty area of the dungeon.

A further option is to allow "levels" of champion heroes.  Doing so is moving further from the quick 'n' easy classic game, but it does not make the game notably more complicated except for a small amount more book keeping.

Experimental Rules: Champion Levels
A hero earns the title of champion after three successful adventures, but by using these rules, there are more stages of advancement available.

After completing a further six adventures the hero is declared a Great Champion and may re-roll up to two dice rolls per game.  The evil wizard player may place two wandering monsters in the dungeon instead of one.  These monsters may be placed at the same time or separately.

After completing a further nine adventures the hero is dubbed as Lord Champion and may re-roll up to three dice rolls per game.  However, such status demands wealth and the lord champion must deduct 50gc upon completing every adventure or lose lord champion status.  The evil wizard player may place three wandering monsters in the dungeon using the rules above.

After completing a total of twenty four adventures, the hero is considered a Chosen Champion.  Beyond the praise of the Empire this confers no advantages, but it does draw the vengeful attention of the forces of evil.  In the next dungeon the evil wizard player may place a Chaos Champion instead of a wandering monster or within a newly revealed room as described above.

The suggested model is the Warhammer Collectors: Tzeentch Champion with two Swords

Should the chosen champion survive this most deadly adventure he earns the begrudging respect of the powers of chaos and destruction.

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