Friday, July 29, 2011

New Hero - The Thief!

"You are the Thief, a crafty rogue.  You don't set off traps when searching for treasure and can always disarm traps you find.  You may remove any visible trap in the same room or passage."

Attack, throw 2 Combat dice
Defend, throw 2 Combat dice
Move, throw 2 Standard dice

Mind 4 Points
Body 6 Points

(The Battle Axe and Plate Armour may not be used by Thief)
The suggested model is the Mordheim: Johann the Knife

Notes:  I suspect it is very easy to see the strengths of the thief, and used by a cautious player in a patient group, this hero can really earn his gold.  Avoiding traps while searching is a big advantage over the long-term campaign, though it does mean the other players have to trust the thief to hand over an honest share of what he finds...

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