Friday, July 22, 2011

New Hero - The Wardancer!

"You are the Wardancer, a Wood Elf warrior of quickness and skill.  You may attack during movement and continue moving afterwards."

Attack, throw 2 Combat dice
Defend, throw 2 Combat dice
Move, throw 2 Standard dice

Mind 4 Points
Body 6 Points

(The Plate Armour may not be used by Wardancer)
The suggested model is the Wood Elf Wardancer

Notes:  The Wardancer is an interesting proposition in that he breaks one of the core rules of HeroQuest, essentially by interrupting his own movement in order to attack before carrying on.  With a high movement roll, this can put him out of harms way simply by being out of line-of-sight for spells, or out of reach from slower foes.  In the hands of a crafty player, the wardancer could be extremely effective, particularly if equipped with a crossbow.

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