Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Quest Treasure - The Staff Of Cyeos!

"The Staff of Cyeos is one of many magical items carried by Balannaer, given to him by the High Loremaster Cyeos, the wisest and most powerful of the High Elf mages."

The Staff of Cyeos allows you to re-roll one Combat dice in defence against attacks and spells.

Notes: The Staff of Cyeos is a protective quest treasure, allowing it to be combined with another weapon or armour and improve combat dice rolls.

And thus ends "Quest Treasure Week".  Seven new quest items for your HeroQuest games.

New Quest Treasure - The Runefang!

"One of twelve legendary blades forged by the mad Dwarf smith Alaric, some of these swords have been lost during wartime or claimed by the forces of chaos."

The Runefang allows you to roll three Combat dice in attack or four Combat dice in attack against Skaven, Rat Ogres and Giant Rats.

Notes: This is the last weapon of these quest treasures, a reasonable weapon, and quite potent against the warp-tainted ratmen.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Quest Treasure - The Hammer Of Sigmar!

"The finest weapon ever made by Dwarf smiths, it is called Ghal Maraz or Skull Splitter, and was awarded to the founder of the Empire.  Ever since it has been possessed by his inheritors or chosen champions."

(If on the board, Barbarian or Dwarf must take the hammer of sigmar when found)

The Hammer of Sigmar allows you to roll five Combat dice in attack.

Notes: Simply put, the Hammer of Sigmar is the most potent weapon in HeroQuest, using all the combat dice for every attack.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Quest Treasure - The Dolorous Blade!

"Glowing with a strange green light, the Dolorous Blade is a mighty weapon, capable of cutting down droves of enemies."

(If on the board, knight must take the dolorous blade when found)

The Dolorous Blade allows you to roll four Combat dice in attack and in defence.

Notes: The second magical weapon, and yes it is another sword.  The Dolorous Blade is potent against most foes, and acts as armour too!  However, this does mean than any other armour worn is likely useless.  Still, 4 dice for attack and for defence is nothing to scoff at.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Quest Treasure - The Staff Of Volans!

"Carried by the supreme patriarch of the colleges of magic, the Staff of Volans symbolizes the bearer's mastery over spellcraft."

(If on the board, Wizard must take the staff of volans when found)

Victims of your spells "Ball of Flame", "Fire of Wrath", "Sleep" and "Genie" roll one less Combat dice in defence against these spells as long as you have the Staff of Volans in your possession.

Notes: There isn't much to say here, the staff makes the wizard or elf all the more formidable with offensive magic.

New Quest Treasure - The Sword Of Khaine!

"Known as the Godslayer and the Widowmaker, the Sword of Khaine is forever hungry for blood, compelling its wielder forever into battle."

(If on the board, Elf or Wardancer must take the sword of khaine when found)

The Sword of Khaine allows you to roll three Combat dice in attack and you may re-roll one dice.  You may never move away from a monster while you have the Sword of Khaine in your possession.

Note: Another magical sword?  Yes indeed.  But instead of giving a big lump of extra dice, this allows you to re-roll one of your failing dice in hope of another success, which is always nice as any HeroQuest player will tell you.  However, your hero will always have to seek out combat with monsters once he has it, and that could lead him to a grisly death if he's not careful.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Quest Treasure - The Grail!

"The grail is the holy symbol of the Lady of the Lake, pursued by her questing knights.  It has the power to restore life and vigour."

(If on the board, Damsel or Knight must take the grail when found)

The Grail may be discarded to prevent any player on the board from being eliminated when his Mind or Body points reach zero.  The player reappears on his turn in the same square with 1 Mind point and 1 Body point.

Notes: The grail is the first quest treasure for this week, and also unique in that it is the only quest treasrure that can be discarded, potentially allowing for future quests to recover it again.  Obviously, it is not intended that there should be multiple grails.

Friday, August 19, 2011

No Friday Hero

As I said before, I'm gearing up to do a series of shorter daily posts next week, dubbed "Quest Treasure Week" it will have new items to sit next to Borin's Armour and the Talisman of Lore.

That being said, I'm done with the weekly heroes for now and I've been busy doing a review of the Barbarians of Lemuria role-playing game all this week, so there's no post today.

Come back Monday for the first new HeroQuest quest treasure.

Monday, August 15, 2011

What's Next?

Don't worry, the delay getting the Damsel up was due to a wedding and me being away from home, but posting will continue.  In fact, next week is going to be "Quest Treasure Week" and will see daily updates of new unique artifacts for HeroQuest.

New Hero - The Damsel!

"You are the Damsel, a servant of the Lady of the Lake.  Brave and wise, you use your enchantments and sword with equal skill."

Attack, throw 2 Combat dice
Defend, throw 2 Combat dice
Move, throw 2 Standard dice

Mind 4 Points
Body 6 Points

The suggested model is the Bretonnian Damsel with Sword, Foot & Mounted

At the start of each game, the Damsel may choose three Enchantment Spells.

Damsel's Enchantment Spells

Entangling Vines
A growth of roots erupts from the ground, snaring any monsters or players on its (2 square by 2 square) tile.  A victin on the tile or who moves onto it must roll a shield on one dice or be unable to move further this turn.  The tile vanishes after the evil wizard's turn.

This spell may be cast on a monster anywhere on the board.  The opponent must roll as many dice as Mind points, if he does not roll a shield the victim must immediately move and attack any target of the Damsel's choice.

This spell may be cast on a monster.  The opponent must roll as many dice as Mind points, if he does not roll a shield, the victim is turned into a goblin until the end of the Damsel's next turn.

Song of Silence
This spell is a beguiling song that prevents any other spells from being cast until the beginning of the Damsel's next turn.

This spell summons a troublesome faerie to harass any monsters on its (2 square by 2 square) tile.  These foes may either move or attack on the evil wizard player's turn, but not both.  The spell is then discarded.

Lady's Blessing
This spell may be cast on any player.  It will restore up to four Body points that have been lost.  The spell is then discarded.

Notes: The damsel is the last of my new heroes, for now at least.  She is very similar to the elf, as a reasonable fighter and magician, her unique-but-limited spells let her bring something new to the game, with a focus on short-term spells of befuddlement makes her quite unlike the other magic-users in HeroQuest.

Friday, August 05, 2011

New Monster - Skaven Warrior

Way back in 1991 a little one-shot magazine was published, "The Hero Quest Winter  Special".

It was a joint production by Marvel, Games  Workshop and Hasbro and it included expansion ideas and cut-out tiles to add to the game. It also included new monsters in the form of Skaven asAdvanced HQ was newly released and it was a great way to tie them in together.

I've used my copy to put together a monster card for printing, this is currently a WIP and I'll improve the quality later if folks like the idea.

Skaven Warrior Monster Card

Obviously, any of the Skaven Warriors produced by GW would be suitable for the game.

New Hero - The Halfling!

"You are the Halfling, a diminutive but hearty hero.  You are resistant to magic, roll one Combat dice when a spell is cast on you.  If you roll a shield ignore the effects of the spell.  You ignore wandering monster cards when searching for treasure."

Attack, throw 2 Combat dice
Defend, throw 2 Combat dice
Move, throw 2 Standard dice

Mind 4 Points
Body 6 Points

(The Battle Axe, Broad Sword and Plate Armour may not be used by Halfling)
The suggested model is the Mordheim: Halfling Thief

Notes: Figuring out how to make the thief and halfling distinct from one another was a bit of a headache as they both fulfil similar roles.  In the end, I decided that the halfling's diminutive size and resistance to magic were the better traits to focus on.  He's unique in having two special abilities, which is my absolute limit on heroes, but both are simple to use.  Overall, I doubt the halfling is terribly impressive, but he is quietly survivable.  Given a magical treasure weapon he'll pack a bit more punch, but until then he's probably best off with the spear and the crossbow.