Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Quest Treasure - The Sword Of Khaine!

"Known as the Godslayer and the Widowmaker, the Sword of Khaine is forever hungry for blood, compelling its wielder forever into battle."

(If on the board, Elf or Wardancer must take the sword of khaine when found)

The Sword of Khaine allows you to roll three Combat dice in attack and you may re-roll one dice.  You may never move away from a monster while you have the Sword of Khaine in your possession.

Note: Another magical sword?  Yes indeed.  But instead of giving a big lump of extra dice, this allows you to re-roll one of your failing dice in hope of another success, which is always nice as any HeroQuest player will tell you.  However, your hero will always have to seek out combat with monsters once he has it, and that could lead him to a grisly death if he's not careful.

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