Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Hero - Nasty Skulker!

"You are da nasty skulker, a bad piece o' work.  You can attack wandering monsters before they can attack you."

Attack, throw 2 Combat dice
Defend, throw 2 Combat dice
Move, throw 2 Standard dice

Mind 3 Points
Body 6 Points

(Nasty Skulker is a goblin and may use goblin wargear.)
The suggested model is the Orcs & Goblins Nasty Skulker

Notes: The nasty skulker isn't all too impressive yet.  His ability to shiv wandering monsters is nice, but otherwise he seems unremarkable.  Orc Raid uses orc wargear, in particular the "Stabba", a weapon for exclusive use by the nasty skulker.  In addition, orcs fight over loot and treasure whenever it is found, drawing from a set of "Squabble Cards" at which the nasty skulker excels due to his sneaky and backstabbing nature.

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